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Bioenergy Project Update

Beaufort Campus will benefit from the upcoming installation of a water heating boiler powered by recycled timber waste.  The boiler will heat water for the Hospital's hydronic heating system and will reduce the reliance on on-renewable resources.  The project aims to demonstrate a sustainable local adaptation to energy requirements that not only demonstrates the efficiency of a bioenergy boiler, but also demonstrates the ability to establish local suppy chains and the use of local industry by products.  In this case, the boiler will use wood chip which up until now has been a waste product of local sawmilling.

This exciting project is a partnership between the Health Service, Pyrenees Shire and 11 other agencies across the Grampians and Central Highlands.  This broad commitment attracted funding from the Victorian Government's Sustainability Accord through the Department of Environment and Primary Industry (formerly Department of Sustainability and Environment).

Installation is being conducted by a collaboration between G&D Air Conditioning from Ballarat, Living Energy from New Zealand and a number of local contractors.

Work is progressing quickly with the site being currently prepared.  The boiler house and storage system are being prepared off site and installation is planned later in January.  The system is planned for commissioning in February.

Visitors will be able to view the operation of the system through viewing windows in the boiler house and will also be able to see real time data as the site will provide a visual display of activity from the management system.

We look forward to this pioneering effort bringing great interest in bioenergy in regional Australia and generating greater interest in the field by demonstrating that small projects can be sustainable and efficient.

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Article from Pyrenees Advocate 17 Jan 2014


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