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Beaufort and Skipton Health Service recognises the importance of partnerships between health service organisations, health professionals, patients, families, carers and consumers.

Patient centred care is a critical element in providing high quality health care and there is strong evidence that real involvement can lead to improvements in safety, cost effectiveness and satisfaction.

The importance of health services partnering with patients, families, carers and consumers is recognised at a national and international level.  The Australian Charter of Health Care Rights summarises the basic rights that patients and consumers are entitled to receive when accessing health care services throughout Australia.  These rights are: access, safety, respect, communication, participation, privacy and comment.

Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights

If you would like to contribute to decision making around service planning, communications or staff training please contact us through one of the channels below. 

Providing Feedback

Positive and negative comments or concerns are welcomed at Beaufort & Skipton Health Service and are seen as instrumental in improving our quality of care. The Health Service seeks to endeavour to resolve any concern in a professional and caring manner.

Residents, families or carers are welcome to make any comments, concerns or complaints known to management, or the nurse-in-charge, at any time, and we will act promptly upon these. We also provide regular questionnaires in respect to all aspects of life at Beaufort & Skipton Health Service, which can be completed anonymously.

Client Feedback boxes are also located in the reception areas of both Medical Practices, Hospitals and Aged Care Facilities.

Communication with families

Staff are available at any time to talk to residents; family and carers, and progress information is given regularly to families and carers. Families or carers are encouraged to consult senior nursing staff on duty or the Director of Nursing regarding residents’ progress, or any concerns they may have.

Relatives or carers are contacted in relation to any change in condition of the resident; however, we ask that one person be nominated as a contact person with whom any problems can be discussed. If the contact person is planning to be away for any length of time, please give the name and telephone number of an alternative contact person, or forwarding telephone number to staff.

How you can give us your feedback

You can email us:

Phone us:
Beaufort campus on 04 5349 1625
Skipton campus on 04 5340 1100

Write to us:
Beaufort Campus
28 Havelock Street
Beaufort Victoria 3373

Skipton Campus
2 Blake Street
Skipton Victoria 3361

Or leave your details on the 'Contact Us' page and we will get back to you via phone or email


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