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Beaufort and Skipton Health Service serves nearly 5000 people in Beaufort, Skipton and the surrounding area.

Our catchment area extends from Derrinallum and Lismore in the South, to Lexton and Amphitheatre in the North, and stretches to include Streatham, Linton, and Snake Valley. Beaufort and Skipton Health Service covers portions of the Pyrenees, Corangamite, and Golden Plains Shires.


Our Health Service cares for a diverse rural community, providing inpatient, residential and primary care services. There are many individuals including our caring volunteers and many community groups who contribute significantly towards creating an environment where people want to receive health care; and to work in our Health Service.

The National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards provide patient safety and quality in healthcare.

NSQHS Standard 1 Governance   NSQHS Standard 2 Partnering with consumers   NSQHS Standard 3 Infection Control   NSQHS Standard 4 Medication Safety   NSQHS Standard 5 Patient Identification   NSQHS Standard 6 Clinical Handover   NSQHS Standard 7 Blood and Blood Products   NSQHS Standard 8 Preventing Pressure sores   NSQHS Standard 9 Clinical Deterioration   NSQHS Standard 10 Preventing Falls

There are 10 Standards, they are: Governance, Partnering with Consumers, Infection Control, Medication Safety, Patient Identification, Clinical Handover, Blood and Blood Products, Preventing Pressure Sores, Clinical Deterioration and Preventing Falls.

Please see the fact sheets below for each Standard:

NSQHS Fact Sheet Standard 1 Governance 

NSQHS Fact Sheet Standard 2 Partnering with consumers

NSQHS Fact Sheet Standard 3 Infection Control 

NSQHS Fact Sheet Standard 4 Medication Safety

NSQHS Fact Sheet Standard 5 Patient Identification 

NSQHS Fact Sheet Standard 6 Clinical Handover 

NSQHS Fact Sheet Standard 7 Blood and Blood Products 

NSQHS Fact Sheet Standard 8 Preventing Pressure Sores 

NSQHS Fact Sheet Standard 9 Clinical Deterioration 

NSQHS Fact Sheet Standard 10 Preventing Falls 

Listening to our consumers and community members is an important aspect of how we plan and deliver our services and we are committed to encouraging feedback. We receive information from our community directly and indirectly through clients and client groups, forums and workshops, community consultations and now we have opportunities to receive feedback on our website.

The 'Feedback' page provides a number of ways to communicate with us and our 'Contact Us' page has a section where you can either make any enquiry, type a message or leave your details and we will get back to you.

Your ongoing support and interest in our Health Service is extremely gratifying.

Sincerely on behalf of the Board and Staff at Beaufort and Skipton Health Service.



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