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Residential Aged Care

Residential aged care is for older people who can no longer live at home due to frailty, disability, illness, the death of a partner/carer, family or friend. Most people choose to live at home and there are many supports and services that can assist older people to do this, however when it is no longer possible to manage at home, residential aged care services provide older people with an alternative in a supported environment.

Aged Care is, and always has been, a priority for Beaufort and Skipton Health Service. The quality and comfort or our Hostels and Nursing Homes is excellent, well regarded and supported by highly professional, compassionate and caring staff.

We have Hostels and Nursing Homes in both Beaufort and Skipton.

Aged Care Application Requirements

Entry to residential aged care services is through the Aged Care Assessment Service. This service will assess the needs of the person to determine their eligibility and provide approval for a place or respite within a residential aged care facility. To assist people considering long term residential aged care, refer to the Victorian Government's publication, Residential Care, Your Choices and the Commonwealth Government publication, 5 steps to Entry into Residential Aged Care also provides an introduction into accessing residential aged care services.

An Aged Care Assessment is valid for permanent positions for 12 months; however with respite this approval does not expire.

Anyone can request an assessment, however, if you wish arrangements can be made through your local doctor or health service.

A copy of the current ACCR form (Aged Care Client Record) must be provided to the facility upon admission.

For more information about aged care please go to:

Beaufort Residential Aged Care

03 5349 1600

Skipton Residential Aged Care

03 5340 1100


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